It’s Harvest time at Relic


Meet the newest addition to the Relic Pack!

After much searching, I have finally found a new Canaan to hopefully add diversity to my breeding program in the years to come….  MEET HARVEST

Harv 1


And here’s Harvey at 3 weeks – the picture that stole my heart:

Canaan Puppy

Harvest is co-owned with his breeder Alla Geretz of HaTikva Canaan Dogs 

“Harvey” is exactly what I hoped for – one of the most outgoing little Canaan Pups I’ve ever seen.  In the first week he has been here, he has met many new people of all shapes and sizes, gone into several big box stores, and has even made his first appearance at local dog shows.  He handled it all with plenty of kisses and a wagging tail.  We have high hopes for this young man.  His cute face attracts admirers like a magnet.  Everywhere I go – someone wants to say Hiya Harv!



Rosie is on the road again!

Rosie left the Relic Pack on Saturday October 12th for a rather long journey back to her other mother Annette.  It was a beautiful day for a drive from CT to NJ to deliver Rosie to professional handler Kitty Burke  who will be heading south the CDCA National Specialty in Atlanta GA this week.  Kitty will deliver Rose to Annette, who will return home to Raleigh NC with Rosie after the specialty is over.  We are hoping this early delivery will give Rose and her intended Noah some quality time to get to know each other before an expected December breeding date.

While at the shows I met up with a group of folks interested in meeting more Canaan Dogs.  Rose had already been handed off, but her mother Camber and half brother Excalibur did a fine job at providing their own personal Meet the Breeds.  I enjoyed the lively dog discussion, which veered into many areas of the dog world.

We all had a very special treat on the way home, stopping at Axle’s home for a visit.  Axle is one lucky puppy!  Well, he is about to have his 3rd birthday, but until the next litter comes along….his litter remains “the puppies”.   Axle’s beautifully fenced in yard is enormous!  I hope to have some pics soon to share.  Axle, Camber and Calibur raced and played till they dropped!  I received wonderfully sloppy nose kisses from Axle’s two legged brother Logan who had a ball dumping the dogs water bowl all over himself not once, but twice!  And in beautiful Canaan dog fashion, the matriarch Camber, who loves children, took it upon herself to protect little Logan from all, included his beloved Axle.   What a beautiful fall afternoon spent with Scott and Joanne.  Thanks!



After receiving several puppy inquiries I realize the page needs an update: 

Current breeding plans are for Miss Rosie (CHIC #85623) to have another date, another try with her ultimate intended Naturally Noah at Eastland (CHIC #82566).  The plan is for Rose to leave in the fall for an extended visit and some long term romance with Noah before hopeful breedings in December with hopes for puppies sometime in February of 2014.


Additional girls are on deck for a back up plan, since so far Rose has not been on the let’s be a mother page!  I have two girls of my own I am searching for just the right stud for, and am also looking at a leasing a girl.  A puppy from this litter may add a little diversity for future breeding plans.


Anyone interested in being on the wait list is encouraged to fill out the puppy application and return it to me.  I am always happy to talk to people and help them discover whether the breed is right for them.  Families within range are welcomed to meet the pack here at Relic.   I gladly refer people to any other CDCA breeders with litters that I am aware of.


Congratulations to Vixen

Congratulations to GCh Renegade Melanchollie Air – “Vixen” on the recent accomplishment of her AKC Grand Championship!  Way to go girl.

Vixen resides in California and is well loved by her people Joan and George and her Canaan pack Strax and Mary Russell.



Rosie on the Road

Noah head photo-6 (2)

The romance wasn’t there!  While Rosie and Noah made friends and had fun, they didin’t feel the love enough to make puppies  🙁

I am saddened at this update, and will add my personal belief on breeding:   One of the reasons I like the Canaan breed so much is that it is a natural breed.  Dogs should be able to reproduce without our interference.  When we mess with nature, and “help them out” all we do is create successive generations that need more and more help.  It is, in IMHO, a slippery slope to dogs who eventually are unable to reproduce on their own.  Yes I know this is a jump, but this is something I never want to see in our breed.

I should add, for future use, the only time I do see a need for AI would be with a foreign stud and then, only with a girl who has already proven she can breed and whelp naturally first.

Noah’s owner Annette and I are on the same page and agreed to not do anything artificial, but have decided to try again next time Rosie comes in season.   I expect this to be around Christmas time.

I have had other girls who, like Rosie, did not want to produce puppies till they were a bit older.   Knowing this was a distinct possibility, a back up plan was put into place and a repeat breeding of the Rickey x Camber litter which produced Miss Rosie has been achieved.  If successful, litter is expected in early August.  Serious inquiries only please via the puppy application.

Miss Rosie (right photo) is off having an adventure.  She is in Raleigh, NC with Annette Israel at Eastland Canaans to be bred to “Noah” (left photo) who is a very sweet Southern gentleman.  Fingers crossed!!  Annette and I have been hoping for this to come together for quite some time now.

The best laid plans…

It’s been way too long since I have updated the site.  I hope you’ll excuse me, it’s hard to post when news is not good.   As any breeder knows, things don’t always go according to plan.  Rose and Camber were bred in December of 2012.  Rosie did not take at all, and Camber delivered only one puppy on February 20, 2013.  This puppy was named in honor of a friend’s mother who passed the night before.  “Relic’s Merry Carol”, MC or Emmy was with our crew for only 15 days.  Her sweet little body was just not made correctly and could not keep going.  Emmy’s death was devastating to all, but the hardest on her mother Camber.  My good friend Rachel took Camber for a bit to stay with her other daughter Clover and give her a change of scenery.  This worked well and helped Camber to forget and to stop searching for her lost puppy.   Camber is back with the pack now, and happy as ever.

Canaan Dog Puppy

Emmy and Camber

I will use this unfortunate event to point out to those who think “I’ll breed my dog and make money” why that isn’t a good plan!  Not only did I have the costs incurred to create this litter(s), it ended up with a night at the Emergency Room.  I had been lucky to this point, with all my prior litters being delivered easily and all puppies healthy, no complications.  So to anyone who is thinking of becoming a breeder, remember – it all to often doesn’t go according to plan!

This post finally gotten me to add an item to the site I’ve which I been meaning to for some time:

What Goes Into the Cost of a Puppy

Breeding Plans

Canaan Dog

Ch Renegade Stryker

Rose stack

Stryker has made the journey twice now from TX to New England to become a proud daddy.  In the spring of 2011 Stryker came to CT for a date with Camber and her dam Marley.  Seven exceptional pups were produced from these two breedings.



I was so pleased with the results of the prior breedings, that when it came time to pick a partner for Camber’s own first born daughter Rosie, Stryker was a simple choice.  History has decided to repeat itself, and with some unexpected timing from Mother Nature, while Stryker was here for his visit with Rosie, Camber came into season three days later.   Since this was most likely Stryker’s last hurrah, it was decided to repeat the Summer 2011 Stryker/Camber breeding as well as the current Stryker/Rosie breeding.  At this time, it appears that both our girls are expecting a litter the middle of February.   Xrays are scheduled for confirmation at the very end of January.

Camber Winning the Group

Camber Winning the Group

Due to the lack of Canaan Dog puppies produced throughout the US last year, and the timing of these two litters, I have had an overwhelming influx of calls, emails and applications.  Very few final decisions and promises have been made so far, so please feel free to fill out an application.  However, it is highly likely that all puppies will soon be spoken for and any future inquires will be placed on a waiting list and/or referred to other breeders.