Plans for next litter

Canaan Dog

As much as we wanted and as hard as we tried, no puppies were meant to be from Pulse and Camber.   We are considering several options for “next time” for Miss Camber.  Until then she is happy to be a full time house pet and mother in waiting.

Camber’s daughter Rosie has an appointment at Atlantic Animal Hospital in Charlestown RI on October 10th to start her health clearances. She will be gently sedated and have x-rays taken of her hips and elbows, and Dr Hoffer will manually examine her patellas.  Her blood will be sent to Dr Dodds in CA at Hemopet for thyroid testing.   All these results will forwarded to OFA in order for Rosie to receive certificates saying she is healthy enough to be bred.   Additionally, Rose will have her eyes examined by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist in Warwick RI.   OFA will then provide Rose with a CHIC number.  This simple designation says that she has completed and passed all required breed health testing.

Our plan is to breed Rosie with Stryker who was also the sire of Camber’s last litter.  This litter of 2 males and 3 females all had outstanding temperaments, something we hope to repeat in this breeding.  While a complete goofball at home, Rosie can be a little shy with strangers, and will benefit from from Stryker’s very outgoing nature.

Check back for updates.   If the plan works we may have puppies by the very end of this year or early in 2013, but that of course, is up to Rosie!