The best laid plans…

It’s been way too long since I have updated the site.  I hope you’ll excuse me, it’s hard to post when news is not good.   As any breeder knows, things don’t always go according to plan.  Rose and Camber were bred in December of 2012.  Rosie did not take at all, and Camber delivered only one puppy on February 20, 2013.  This puppy was named in honor of a friend’s mother who passed the night before.  “Relic’s Merry Carol”, MC or Emmy was with our crew for only 15 days.  Her sweet little body was just not made correctly and could not keep going.  Emmy’s death was devastating to all, but the hardest on her mother Camber.  My good friend Rachel took Camber for a bit to stay with her other daughter Clover and give her a change of scenery.  This worked well and helped Camber to forget and to stop searching for her lost puppy.   Camber is back with the pack now, and happy as ever.

Canaan Dog Puppy

Emmy and Camber

I will use this unfortunate event to point out to those who think “I’ll breed my dog and make money” why that isn’t a good plan!  Not only did I have the costs incurred to create this litter(s), it ended up with a night at the Emergency Room.  I had been lucky to this point, with all my prior litters being delivered easily and all puppies healthy, no complications.  So to anyone who is thinking of becoming a breeder, remember – it all to often doesn’t go according to plan!

This post finally gotten me to add an item to the site I’ve which I been meaning to for some time:

What Goes Into the Cost of a Puppy