Rosie on the Road

Noah head photo-6 (2)

The romance wasn’t there!  While Rosie and Noah made friends and had fun, they didin’t feel the love enough to make puppies  🙁

I am saddened at this update, and will add my personal belief on breeding:   One of the reasons I like the Canaan breed so much is that it is a natural breed.  Dogs should be able to reproduce without our interference.  When we mess with nature, and “help them out” all we do is create successive generations that need more and more help.  It is, in IMHO, a slippery slope to dogs who eventually are unable to reproduce on their own.  Yes I know this is a jump, but this is something I never want to see in our breed.

I should add, for future use, the only time I do see a need for AI would be with a foreign stud and then, only with a girl who has already proven she can breed and whelp naturally first.

Noah’s owner Annette and I are on the same page and agreed to not do anything artificial, but have decided to try again next time Rosie comes in season.   I expect this to be around Christmas time.

I have had other girls who, like Rosie, did not want to produce puppies till they were a bit older.   Knowing this was a distinct possibility, a back up plan was put into place and a repeat breeding of the Rickey x Camber litter which produced Miss Rosie has been achieved.  If successful, litter is expected in early August.  Serious inquiries only please via the puppy application.

Miss Rosie (right photo) is off having an adventure.  She is in Raleigh, NC with Annette Israel at Eastland Canaans to be bred to “Noah” (left photo) who is a very sweet Southern gentleman.  Fingers crossed!!  Annette and I have been hoping for this to come together for quite some time now.