After receiving several puppy inquiries I realize the page needs an update: 

Current breeding plans are for Miss Rosie (CHIC #85623) to have another date, another try with her ultimate intended Naturally Noah at Eastland (CHIC #82566).  The plan is for Rose to leave in the fall for an extended visit and some long term romance with Noah before hopeful breedings in December with hopes for puppies sometime in February of 2014.


Additional girls are on deck for a back up plan, since so far Rose has not been on the let’s be a mother page!  I have two girls of my own I am searching for just the right stud for, and am also looking at a leasing a girl.  A puppy from this litter may add a little diversity for future breeding plans.


Anyone interested in being on the wait list is encouraged to fill out the puppy application and return it to me.  I am always happy to talk to people and help them discover whether the breed is right for them.  Families within range are welcomed to meet the pack here at Relic.   I gladly refer people to any other CDCA breeders with litters that I am aware of.