Rosie is on the road again!

Rosie left the Relic Pack on Saturday October 12th for a rather long journey back to her other mother Annette.  It was a beautiful day for a drive from CT to NJ to deliver Rosie to professional handler Kitty Burke  who will be heading south the CDCA National Specialty in Atlanta GA this week.  Kitty will deliver Rose to Annette, who will return home to Raleigh NC with Rosie after the specialty is over.  We are hoping this early delivery will give Rose and her intended Noah some quality time to get to know each other before an expected December breeding date.

While at the shows I met up with a group of folks interested in meeting more Canaan Dogs.  Rose had already been handed off, but her mother Camber and half brother Excalibur did a fine job at providing their own personal Meet the Breeds.  I enjoyed the lively dog discussion, which veered into many areas of the dog world.

We all had a very special treat on the way home, stopping at Axle’s home for a visit.  Axle is one lucky puppy!  Well, he is about to have his 3rd birthday, but until the next litter comes along….his litter remains “the puppies”.   Axle’s beautifully fenced in yard is enormous!  I hope to have some pics soon to share.  Axle, Camber and Calibur raced and played till they dropped!  I received wonderfully sloppy nose kisses from Axle’s two legged brother Logan who had a ball dumping the dogs water bowl all over himself not once, but twice!  And in beautiful Canaan dog fashion, the matriarch Camber, who loves children, took it upon herself to protect little Logan from all, included his beloved Axle.   What a beautiful fall afternoon spent with Scott and Joanne.  Thanks!