It’s Harvest time at Relic


Meet the newest addition to the Relic Pack!

After much searching, I have finally found a new Canaan to hopefully add diversity to my breeding program in the years to come….  MEET HARVEST

Harv 1


And here’s Harvey at 3 weeks – the picture that stole my heart:

Canaan Puppy

Harvest is co-owned with his breeder Alla Geretz of HaTikva Canaan Dogs 

“Harvey” is exactly what I hoped for – one of the most outgoing little Canaan Pups I’ve ever seen.  In the first week he has been here, he has met many new people of all shapes and sizes, gone into several big box stores, and has even made his first appearance at local dog shows.  He handled it all with plenty of kisses and a wagging tail.  We have high hopes for this young man.  His cute face attracts admirers like a magnet.  Everywhere I go – someone wants to say Hiya Harv!