Breeding update

I have had a massive number of puppy inquiries lately, most likely because there aren’t any current litters.

I am aware of two litters bred and another planned.  If you wish, check with me in mid October and if the mom’s pregnancies are confirmed, and if the breeders do not have placements for all pups already  – I will be happy to put people in touch.

My next planned litter will be Riley x Poppy in very early 2015.  If all goes well, I hope to have puppies in February or March.  If you would like to be seriously considered for a puppy, please read my placement information and fill out the application.

I am always happy to help introduce people to the breed, try to find Canaan’s which might live closer for you to meet, and to invite people to meet my dogs either at shows, events or at my home, even if I do not currently have puppies looking for homes.

But since everyone loves a puppy picture – here’s one from the last litter now 7 months old and called L-R — Rocket, Ian, Bodhi and Korra.

2014-02-22 12.47.54