Stryker x Camber 6/15/2011

2 males/3 females born June 15, 2011

Sire: Ch Renegade Stryker

Dam: Ch Renegade Camber

Canaan Dog Puppies

New Arrivals – Poppy, Axle, Clover, Birdie and Dingo


Canaan Dog puppies

6 weeks old

This is the first time the pup’s “other mother” and co-breeder Renee was able to visit

Canaan Dog Puppy


To see more about Poppy visit her page.


To see more about Clover, visit her page.

Canaan Dog Puppy


Axle, Renaissance’s Relic Prince Alarming, is now living in NJ with the Merrill family and is looking forward to becoming a big brother to the new two footed addition to the family due this fall.


Canaan Dog Puppy


Dingo, now Relic’s Jasper Mick Vetere is living with the Vetere family in Ohio.  He is currently working on obedience classes, but hopes to join his sisters in the conformation ring sometime soon.

Canaan Dog Puppy


Bird, now Princess Blaze of Relic is living with the Russell’s in NJ and often goes to work with the family acting as a Canaan “PR” expert.