Acquiring a Puppy


March 2014 165


Thanks for your interest in the breed and possibly my dogs in particular.

I welcome visits to my home to meet the dogs.  Please contact me to arrange a convenient time.  When possible, I try to match seriously interested people in other parts of the country with families near them if they have never had the chance to meet a Canaan.

I breed litters not to produce puppies for sale, but only after careful planning – searching the pedigrees, knowing the lines, the health issues, the types, the temperaments and hoping to produce the best possible outcome.  When I breed it is for the continuation of my lines and to hopefully produce a puppy to keep and show and breed in the future.   All litters are whelped in my home, and are part of the family.  I handle and interact with our puppies every day of their life, and place each one very carefully.   Evaluations are not completed until the pups are 7-8 weeks old.   While I may have some idea of which pups will be placed in pet homes, and which pets will be held back as show/breeding prospects, no promises can be made before the 7-8 week placement time.  I do my best to get to know the families waiting for a pet puppy and then match up to the actual personality of the puppy, taking into consideration preferred color and sex the best I can.


If you would like to be considered for a future litter, please download the Relic Puppy Application  and return either via email or snail mail.

Understand that this is just a start in the “getting to know you” process.  After I receive the completed application back I will contact you to go over any questions either side may have and discuss the breed in more depth to ensure people really understand the nature of the Canaan.  If physically possible I make plans to meet you.  Many families have never met a Canaan.  I am sometimes able to set up long distance “meet and greets” with Canaan families in other parts of the country, or with our pups who have been placed in other states.

Due to the small size of average Canaan litter, there is often a wait for a puppy.  It is estimated there are less than 3000 CD’s worldwide, with approximately 800-1000 of those in the United States.  Most of those dogs are spayed or neutered pets.  Of the few dogs in breeding homes, we further estimate that under 100 Canaans in the US are intact and capable of producing litters.  According to AKC registration statistics, in the last fifteen years, an average of only 63 new Canaan puppies have been registered each year.

I hope these numbers will help you to understand why I am so particular in our puppy placements.

When you acquire a Relic puppy, you are not just buying a puppy, you are establishing a lifelong relationship.   I do not just sell puppies- I keep in touch a little more over the first year while puppies are maturing and going through pesky chewing and developmental stages, and after that do require updates on how my puppies are doing.  From a personal perspective, I need to know they are safe and loved, and from a professional perspective – I need to stay abreast of any health or behavioral issues.

On the wait list:

If you would like to be added to the wait list, please fill out the application as mentioned above. Once we have had the chance to get to know each other and both sides have decided this is a good fit, deposits are accepted to confirm placements.  Deposits are non refundable, unless a puppy is not produced that is appropriate for the person/family, in which case they will be given their choice of waiting for a future litter, or having deposit returned.  After the dam has been bred, I keep everyone up to date on the pregnancy and whelping date.  Once the pups are here, and I can see the size and make up of the litter, placements can be better decided.   As mentioned before, final placements are not decided until puppies are 7 weeks old for full evaluation purposes.  Copies of the deposit and sales contract will be provided to serious inquires.

The Price:

All puppies are sold at the same price of $2000.00 (plus shipping when applicable)   Co-ownerships will be discussed on an individual basis.  Deposit and purchase contracts will be provided privately.

Why the cost?  See: What goes into the cost of a puppy?

The puppies:

For those living close enough, visits are encouraged.   We like to allow our new Mom’s some private time with their new babies for the first couple of weeks – but after that socialization is important to start as early as possible.