Stryker head1 Ch Renegade Stryker

DOB: June 9, 2003

Sire: D&D’s Zeke of Grey Mesa

Dam: CH Hadar Ha’Aretz Tates Neshamele (Lucy)

OFA Hips: EXCELLENT (CA-404E53M-PI)  CERF: Normal  THYROID: Normal

While not technically one of my dogs,  Stryker is the sire of two litters and as such deserves a place to be seen.  Stryker is co-owned by: Jesse Brown & Renee Kent and lives in TX

Stryker made the journey twice from TX to New England to become a proud daddy.  In the spring of 2011 Stryker came to CT for a date with Camber and her dam Marley.  Seven exceptional pups were produced from these two breedings.

I was so pleased with the results of the prior breedings, that when it came time to pick a partner for Camber’s own first born daughter Rosie, Stryker was a simple choice.  History has decided to repeat itself, and with some unexpected timing from Mother Nature, while Stryker was here for his visit with Rosie, Camber came into season three days later.   Since this was most likely Stryker’s last hurrah, it was decided to repeat the Summer 2011 Stryker/Camber breeding as well as the current Stryker/Rosie breeding.

Unfortunately, Rose did not produce a litter, and Camber’s delivered a single female puppy, Emmy, who survived for only two weeks.

Stryker moving

Stryker L side

Stryker head 2