Relic Canaan Dogs believe strongly in the natural state of this breed and hope to maintain that essence as much as possible with natural breedings and births.  Most of our litters are whelped at home without human interference.


Video of Camber’s Newborn PuppiesPuppies in these pages will be referred to by their original litter names for simplicity.  We are so happy you now love them by another name, but in our hearts we will always think of them as we called them for the first eight weeks or more…..

Developmentally, each day is important, and they learn so much from being with their mom, littermates and extended doggie family.  Think of it this way: if you have a human child, you have approximately 18 years (+/- 10 or so years) to teach them how to get along in the world.  A mother dog has 8 weeks, and during those first two weeks the little ones are really only learning to eat, thermo regulate, and starting to see and hear the world around them.  So, in reality six weeks to prepare the babes to be good future doggies.  Each day is vital.  Yes, I know, some say perfect bonding time is 7 weeks/49 days.  I have found that all pups bond wonderfully with their new homes.  Even pups placed a bit later in their development.  So we strongly feel the benefits of keeping pups with their canine family/pack are most important.  We consider letting puppies go at 8 weeks, but never before.

Canaan Dog and puppy friend

A young Dingo learning/playing with Uncle Excalibur