Relic Rose

DOB: May 1, 2010

CHIC # 85653

Sire: Ch Rosendog Bsnatch Not Me to Rivroc (Rickey)

Dam: Ch Renegade Camber


Rose is now one of the luckiest girls alive.  A wonderful family came inquiring about a puppy, but instead fell in love with Miss Rose.  After some thoughtful conversation, we all decided that this family would be better off right now with a slightly less energetic adult than a young puppy requiring constant supervision.  Rose immediately took to her new family and is now happily living in Florida, enjoying the constant doting of two adoring owners.  She is looking forward to greeting a new little brother into her home in the not distant future.

As a breeder, I couldn’t be happier for Rosie.  While I miss the girl dearly, I know that she is enjoying being a single dog more than she was competing for the attention of a single owner.

Canaan Dog Puppy

Rose One Week Old

Rose was the first – the first born in Camber’s first litter and my first puppy delivered.   My daughter Lindsey and I were both amazed and not sure what we were looking at when she arrived!  We did not expected red or sable pups from black and white Camber and white and tan Rickey.  We are still trying to learn more about the color genetics in Canaan Dogs.  From the start everyone wanted the “brown and white one”.  Of course I did too!

Canaan Dog Puppy

Rose at 6 weeks

At six weeks old we were a bit afraid Rosie was actually a St Bernard puppy.

Canaan Dog Puppy

Rose at 3 months

At three months old we thought maybe “Sally Field” aka The Flying Nun!

Canaan Dogs

Rosie and Jasper at 6 months

At six months old, Rosie was starting to look mature and grow into her ears a bit, pictured here with litter brother Jasper.  You can see in this picture compared to male puppy she is a big girl.

Canaan Dog

As an adult Rose is a balanced girl with a smooth gait and strong muscular physique.  She retains a feminine side and is a sweet and loving girl, but has a strong tomboy side as well.  Rosie has been a wonderful big sister to the last two litters, helping both her Auntie Vixen and her Mother Camber to raise their puppies.